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This contract is an electronic document below the IT Act 2000 and the rules and regulation will be changed occasionally. This electronic document is generated by an electronic computer and does not need any physical or digital signatures. his document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the Terms for access or usage of Just Dial’s service via Just Dial Portal. This document meets the stipulations and conditions mentioned in Section 65B (2) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 

Once you Register this platform please read the terms & condition thoroughly, once you registered it indicates you agree to use this platform under these terms & condition if you do not agree with the terms kindly do not register this platform for any service because this is an agreement between you or your and Getzinfoz when you registered any of the Getzinfoz service you agree to be limitation by these terms & condition.   

If needed Getzinfoz may occasionally change the Terms & condition and the agreement without notice. you are responsible for overlook these Terms & condition regularly to continue in this platform. All the changes of these terms & condition become valid beginning with our publish in Getzinfoz site (, you will use this platform after these changes it signifies your acceptance 

Getzinfoz connects service providers (Professionals) and users, it helps to fulfilled your needs with experts nearby you. Kindly note Getzinfozdoes not provide any service, all that services are provided by third party individual service providers who are not employed or associates with Getzinfoz. This platform accepts the liability for the service within the terms. Third party service providers are responsible for the service  

Registration & Its Requirements :

Easily you will create your profile thru online. First you should signup then you must fill the basic details like business name, full address using manual coordinates (for accurate location), service city, mobile number, Service category also filled optional value like watsapp number, website address, business hours, detailed description about your business, photos, video link etc. Getzinfoz may be validate your given information so don’t provide any false information. Once you like to create business listing you must note following requirements 

First you must confirm your legal age of majority (18 years and above), Are not you will be blocked to use the service offered by Getzinfoz. Registration requires you to submit to Getzinfoz some personal and official documents such as valid mobile number, Id proof, address proof, Gstn copy, etc. If you register as a user you authenticate your mobile number or email address for using Getzinfozservice. 

You agree to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date information. If you fail to maintain your up-to-date accurate information Getzinfoz may suspended your access to use getzinfoz platform you are responsible for all activites happen under your account so maintain your account login and password confidentially. Getzinfoz cannot responsible for any losses if you notice unauthorized use of your account immediately inform to Getzinfoz to fix the issue. Getzinfoz preserve the authority to publish all your information registered by this platform except your personal information like your Id proof & address proof. 

Terms to uses of our data :

All text, photographs, designs, graphics, images, sound and video recordings, animation, content, logo, trademarks, ads and other data and effects for search purpose in this platform only so dont use this data for commercial purpose 

For Service Providers :

Free Service :

Getzinfoz offers free listings for businesses with limited options. In this free listing business contact details are not shown in the category search result page but all details are shown in the business listing details page.

Premium Service :

Getzinfoz offers two types of premium services one is Verified Lead Package and another one is Tenure Listing package.

An Order Form issued by Getzinfoz to the service providers digitally shall be the final agreement between Getzinfoz and the service providers, it may be changed from time to time by Getzinfoz.

Lead Verified Package :

Lead Verified package is our premium package. In this package Getzinfoz assure minimum guaranteed leads while the signing of contract.

Lead: Informations are received from the users to the Getzinfoz server. Lead is only the information about the user which is made by the user.

Getzinfoz does not guarantee that the lead will be converted to business. Also Getzinfoz will not be responsible for the information by the user for technical issues like spam, etc.

The leads generated by the Getzinfoz are only used by the service provider and shall not be sold with any other third party.

All leads are verified by the Getzinfoz assisted call service so all the Getzinfoz verified leads shall be valid unless the user is fake, competitor or mismatched category.

Lead prices are not the same. It may vary depending on the category and location.

The service provider's consents Getzinfoz will change the lead price at any time but it will not affect the running contract.

In this package business contact details are not shown in the category search result page because all the leads are verified by the Getzinfoz assisted service call. If the user asked particular business details that time the user details are shared only to the exact service provider. Also all business details are shown in the business listing details page.

In this package lead will be shared only one exact matched service provider. If the service providers will not respond to the lead within 10 minutes then the lead was shared with another matched service provider. Then the user not satisfied with the first service provider proposal and ask another service provider details that time also the lead shared with another matched service provider.

Tenure Listing Package :

Tenure listing package is based on tenure only. Getzinfoz is not assured of any guaranteed leads. It is a listing only package.

In this package service provider details with contact number are listed on the category listing page. If the user likes to contact you you will get a direct call from the user.

Review our Return Policy :

Please review our return policy before purchasing any of Getzinfoz products. Getzinfoz offers a detailed description of its Products. Therefore, it is assumed that the buyer has reviewed his/her product of choice, has requested a detail of the product or used a trial version if available, and is satisfied with its quality before effecting actual purchase of said Packages. With knowledge of the above, no refund/return request should be solicited by the buyer/user on such basis. All Packages are non-refundable. We will, of course, nonetheless review return/refund requests on any packages. Getzinfoz guarantees the quality of all its Packages listed on this Web site and our sister concern products. Therefore, if your product is not effective in any way, it can be replaced with extension of the Package, at no extra charge to the user.

Return/Refund Request :

Please send all return/refund requests to, as well as your reason for such a request. A reply will be sent to you after it has been determined whether a return/refund is necessary. If it is determined that your packages are non effective, you must relinquish ownership of your account to qualify for a refund.

Changes to this Refund policy :

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this privacy policy at any time. You are encouraged to review this refund policy from time to time.

For Users :

All businesses referred by Getzinfoz are Document (Both Business Registration and individual id Proof) verified. Gtzinfoz will give full support for users. But Getzinfoz is not responsible for the service issues between users and service providers. If any issues are created by service providers, First Getzinfoz checks whether the problem is true and once it is confirmed Getzinfoz will try to solve the problem. Once the problem is not solved Getzinfoz will break the agreement with the service providers. Also users can take action on that service provider.

Questions :

If you have any questions about the Refund practices of this website and our sister concern products, you may contact us at

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